Message from the Chairman of the South African Cane Growers’ Association  (SACGA)

Graeme Stainbank


Anticipating, identifying, reacting and adapting to change is key to survival in the modern world. There is probably no other profession which is more exposed to diversity and complexity than farming, and therefore we should be past masters at this game.

Having said this, it has been a challenging year!

The professional staff at Canegrowers have excelled this season.

Loyalty, dedication, resilience and commitment are the qualities which are in abundance among this group who have this past season, delivered an unsurpassed service to growers. They have been guided by a group of bona-fide full time professional farmers who have unselfishly devoted their expertise to the Board of SA Canegrowers.

Not unlike sugar industries around the world, we are a complex industry with many causal influences and reactions to every decision taken. The result of this is that meddling with one part often has unintended consequences in another. This year has seen many of such challenges.

The ability to face these types of challenges is what has enabled Canegrowers to survive and prosper over the last 91 years and is what will carry us forward into the future.

Canegrowers will continue, through our democratic structures, to provide representation to all growers, no matter of what size or colour, through our transparent structures with world-class governance.

As the RV price slowly starts to rebound from its hiding place, optimism in the fields is sending out new shoots.

Graeme Stainbank

SA Canegrowers Chairman