Message from the
Executive Editor

Portia Mpofu
External Affairs Director
South African Sugar Association


We are proud to announce that the voice of the South African sugar industry is back.

The 100-year-old Journal had to be discontinued due to cost-cutting measures necessitated by the worst drought since the early 1990s. But rising from the ashes like a phoenix, the journal is taking flight again. The advent of the digital era has revolutionised the way we communicate, so we have decided to find a cost-effective way to distribute the resuscitated Journal. Your favourite Journal will now be available electronically!

The Journal has a new Managing Editor… Cedric Mboyisa who joined the South African Sugar Association (SASA) as Communications and Media Manager in May this year. Mboyisa holds an Honours Degree in Journalism and Media Studies from Wits University. He is a former journalist and political editor. He also used to work for Parliament as the Newsroom (Committee Communication) Specialist in charge of a team supporting 54 parliamentary committees.

Welcome to our new
Managing Editor

Cedric Mboyisa  joined the South African Sugar Association (SASA) as Communications and Media Manager in May this year.

In this edition we bring you a story of partnership between SASA and government which has seen farmworkers become co-owners. The pioneering Westcliff farm pilot project, focusing on strengthening the relative rights of farm dwellers, is being rolled out throughout the country.

Our feature article celebrates the relationship between SASA, and the Department Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) which has resulted in DARD approving an amount of R55 million for 11 land reform and small-scale farmers towards cane development, ratoon management and infrastructure development across the province.

We unpack how the proposed tax on sugar sweetened beverages will have dire consequences for the industry. There is an article on a world first for sugarcane ripening. There are more exciting stories.

Enjoy the read!