Michelle Binedell

In June this year, SASRI conducted its 98th Senior Certificate Course in Sugarcane Agriculture bringing the total number of trained students up to just over 3 885 since its inception in 1963.  Since 1975, a further 2 820 students have attended the three-week Junior course. 

Since these courses cover all agronomic aspects of cane farming in the African context, they have continued to attract students from southern African sugar industries where they are held in high regard. One of the key success factors is that these SASRI courses are presented primarily by Research and Extension Specialists, allowing new scientific results and observations to be regularly included into the subject material, ensuring that courses remain current and relevant.

SASRI is committed to supporting new farmers entering the industry as well as successive generations of existing sugarcane farmers. In developing the capacity of individual farmers, these courses contribute to the sustainability of the South African sugar industry.

Michelle Binedell

is SASRIā€™s Knowledge Manager