A government delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is impressed with the South African sugar industry.

This after the FPI (an equivalent of the Department of Trade and Industry – the dti) visited the industry. The country is exploring the possibility of establishing the sugar industry. The delegation was hosted by Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) and Bosch Projects, which are currently involved in a feasibility study for the DRC for a new greenfield sugar facility in that country. 

South African Sugar Association Commercial Director gave the delegation an overview of the industry while South African Sugarcane Research Institute Director Carolyn Baker unpacked the research and development aspect of the industry in the country. 

The delegation also went on the tour of the South African Sugar Terminal, which forms part of the Port of Durban, the busiest harbour on the African continent. Built in the early 1960s, the (raw) sugar storage (for export purposes) facility has three massive silos with a capacity of 525 000 tons.

The FPI delegation comprised:

  • Patrice Kitebi (Director-General)
  • Jean Claude Makonga (Deputy DG & Coordinator of Technical Committee)
  • André Ilali (Director of Projects)
  • Francois Mpuila Mukendi (Deputy Director of Studies and Project Manager)
  • Prof Emery Kasongo Lenge (Consultant)
  • Augustin Ndombe (Translator)
  • Dr Cesar Bisimwa (Consultant)